Udayana University Entrepreneur Camp 2013

On November 2013, Rakata Bali and Udayana University held an event called Udayana University Entrepreneur Camp at Baliwoso Camp, Bangli.

This event was participated by Udayana Students who come from different majors and interested to be young entrepreneur. Some of the lecturer also joined as the participant.

The concept of this program was to build and strengthen the character of every student in order to become the best young entrepreneur by using FUN methods, such as Games, Discussion with the Motivators, Group Performances and also visiting and learning something new from the local at Pengotan Village, Bangli.

At the end of the program, all the participant was satisfied and they even want to stay longer 🙂

Huge Thanks to Udayana University, Baliwoso Campsite, Game Masters, Motivators, Facilitators, Technical Team, Doctor and Pengotan Village, Bangli!


See you in the next Program!!!


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