1. Corporate training program

  • Corporate program is designed to cater the company clients’ various needs in optimizing their employees’ performance and productivity. The program combines managerial concepts and outdoor experience through analogy and briefing-debriefing methods to create new awareness, understanding and higher level of motivation, which is expected to lead to new behavior and performance in real life working environment.
    Selection of outdoor activities and games are based on the main theme or concept and closely linked to the specific objectives of the training.
  • Examples of modules:
    • Corporate value and Performance
    • Teambuilding and Managing Conflict
    • Communication and Problem Solving
    • Challenge, Change and Managing Change
    • Leadership and motivation
    • Jungle survival training
    • Other Customized training programs
  • Examples of outdoor activities:
    • High Ropes
    • Low Ropes
    • Camping
    • Raft building
    • Paint ball
    • Amazing race
    • Map and Compass

2. Youth Program

  • Groups
    Youth programs can be arranged for small groups youngsters (min …..persons) or members of families.
  • Customized School Programs
    This student development program is designed based on detailed requests from the school, and is available for various levels of schools (SD –SMA, and University Degree), Type of outdoor activities, level of difficulty, and duration of the program are specific for each level to match with the age of participants
  • Examples of modules:
    • Trust and Communication
    • Being Together and Respect Others
    • Self Leadership, Motivation and Motivating Others
    • Creativity and Challenge: Personal and Group
  • Examples of modules:
    • Adventure camp and outdoor Living Skills
    • Adventure, Art and Culture Program
    • Adventure and Community Development Program
    • Adventure and Go Green Activities

3. Five star camp

  • Five star Camp is designed for people who wish to experience and explore the outdoor life and at the same time are still able to maintain certain level of indoor comfort through the availability of the five star camp’s facilities. This activity can be conducted at various places, based on the request of clients.
    Five star Camp may also be used as part of Corporate or Youth Programs.

4. Outing/Gathering

  • Gathering can be arranged for corporate or family. It is designed with main objective to have fun and to create better team/family relationship through a combination of interesting outdoor activities and exotic dining/cultural experience.
  • Examples of Outdoor Activities:
    • Water sport activities
    • White Water Rafting
    • Trekking
    • Cycling
    • Fun and Competition games


  • Rakata Bali organizes events based quality performance standard, and high efficiency in term of cost and time to achieve of the client’s objectives.
  • Examples of modules:
    • Corporate meetings (strategic, annual, business, etc)
    • Tournament (golf, rock climbing, etc)
    • Culture trips
    • Mountaineering
    • Expedition
    • Fun and Competition games

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