Rakata Adventure Bali

Rakata Bali was established in 1994 as an affiliation company from its principal, Rakata adventure Jakarta, with its main objective to provide high quality Human Resources development programs. All of Rakata Bali’s programs are designed based on experiential learning concept using outdoor activities as main tools to achieve the program’s objectives. The detail of each program is defined based on the client’s specific requests , and both the learning and fun aspects are consistently maintained to achieve the program’s goals in a balanced event environment.


To become valuable partner for Rakata Bali’s stakeholders in reaching the best development results in professional, family and individual lives.


To provide high quality outdoor based programs for corporate and group (school/youth and family) clients based on the experiential learning concept, which highly value experience and sharing to reach own findings, with respect to all parties involved as well as to the nature.

Code of Conduct

  • Professional
    The key to success is to continuously strive to deliver a program of excellence. Our aim at Rakata is to provide the highest quality service, whilst also accomodating creative tendencies and ambitions in order to unleash the potential to excel.
  • Safe
    safety consciousness comes as second nature to our staff, wether in our daily routine at our camp or when working in new and challenging environment. We always ensure comprehensive safety concepts are implemented in all our program and activities.
  • Friendly
    Our dedicated and friendly staff work hard to ensure that good times are had by all our clients. In doing so, we develop valuable friendships that will forge lasting relationships whith each and every client. Equally important for us is our interaction with our surroundings, meaning we always act in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner

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Rakata Adventure Bali - Jl Pulau Serangan Korinuansa Hijau 31, Denpasar - Bali, 80114 - INDONESIA

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